My adult life is much better be then my child life

Do I really enjoy being an adult after everything that happened to me as a child?

At times it felt like my life as a child were cursed or I were witch hunted for the sins of my parents that’s how terrible my upbringing was. I lost both my parents at a very young age but when I lost my father was I already a teenager from then adulthood began. Even thou I was under supervision my guardians make it clear that no one is coming to safe me. All that child abuse and trauma and Parental responsibilities they put on me. Apparently was to prepare me for the world outside at the same time expected me to be a child. I never used any of those methods., What that did was stealing my freedom as a child I had almost zero play time to the point I hated school holidays, weekends and after school. Because of the constant transitioning a few hours be a child the rest is be a man they actually said indirectly. I was so suppress even the visitation of the social workers and they visit us every term to check on our well-being. But it didn’t help much because we will be guide by our guardians on how we should respond to every question they ask. Will a fairly reminder of how we bad orphan homes are.., Children get molested by care takers and the bullying is just something else. Since then I hated the way I lived thought it going be my life forever and said to myself is my inheritance. And even in my friend circle I wasn’t noted the idea of running away and never come back were always in my mind and for the longest time I lived there. But a random person suddenly step into my life and hooked my with his life story. How he stood up against his abusive father left home. The leaving home part of his story became my vehicle and I decided that that’s what I’m will use. The idea of running away fade as I constantly draft my escape plan A was to wait till they hit me again. Then I will leave Plan B Is where I told them I’m not happy and I’m leaving and that needs to be when things goes well. When things went well it was only for a week of less of a week anyway then is happens the evening after supper. While I was busy doing the dishes they were talking about how hurt they are for the fact that my brother. Ran away I told them I will not run away I’m leaving because I had enough of the ill treatment I told them everything how I feel including the promises they made to my father. Which turned out not to be promising at all with a little hope that they will change their ways. But I prepared myself for the expected outcome. And it happen exactly the way I toughed because they are old school and stubborn. My life took a complete shift and I had a point to prove to crush their hope for failure on me and it was the only thing that kept me awake. I sixteen years when I felt home for me was leaving because I walked into what I was prepared adulthood the only difference was it was my on my own terms. I was the toughest time of my life yet worth the pain. I build a relationship with the random person and when things got hard beyond my control I moved into his house. But I didn’t realised how damage is was till he ask me to read a poem about his own life. About what he learned about life He realised there I couldn’t read it. Because I had a challenge with reading I’ve never experience love from anyone since my grandma passed away. He became my father and my only family thou I was such a mess he never gave up on me it was my first time for everything.

I enjoy every moment of being an adult making my own decisions making even better choices about my life and. Guide my child into giving him all the love I desired to have learning without fear…, I suppress  any sort of pressure I always look forward to a new challenge. There is always something fresh coming up I set myself free in a amazing way. And that is what I want to proof that there is an amazing life out there and is possible there is hope for greater things. I and like to show you how to do it doesn’t matter what type of life you are living is this is about the life you desire to live is possible.